SwittinS Girlband
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SwittinS Girlband telah performance on air @ RCTI, SCTV, Indosiar, TransTV, GlobalTV, B Channel TV, serta 
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Off Air @ Honda, weekend@PTC, lomba gambar di Bekasi Square, SGM di Medan, Lampung Fair, Ultah anak, dll 
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You can chat with our team members: Celine, Chinta, Cindy, & Tasya

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We don't answer & delete the sex, abuse, & other negative words.


    Please to give input, comment, positive critique about our songs, our team member, our performance, etc.

    We try to focus to make song with education lyric for teen.

    Please help us to bless our community with education lyrics, don't let them sing love song all the time.


    July 2012
    December 2011



SwittinS Girlband